House of Trust Speaker Lineup

This assembly of thought leaders, visionaries, and change-makers has been carefully curated to ignite intellectual fires, start conversations, and inspire positive impact throughout the six-day gathering in Davos. Register for your entry pass and attend as many speeches and panels as you like.

Digital entrepreneur, content creator & public speaker
Co-Founder & CEO at Phenogy
Head of Investor Relations at Verve Ventures
Actor & Entrepreneur
Co-Founding Steward of KAVANÂ
Founder & CEO Swissborg
Founder of upgame
Managing Partner, STORM Partners
Chief Executive Officer, Selecta Group
Social Impact Investor at Independent
Managing Partner at Convergence Partners AG
Managing Partner at Kodori Ventures
Executive Director at European Brain Foundation
Neuroscientist at EPFL Lausanne
International Institute for Management Development (IMD)
CEO at MGME Neurotech
Co-Founder & CEO at Kyan Health
Founder at The Real Mental Health Foundation
CEO at True Nature
Co-Founder at SoundSelf
CEO at Reconnect Labs
CEO at Clare & Me
CEO at The New Health Club
Co-Founder at AguilaCondor Foundation
Co-Founder at AguilaCondor Foundation
CEO and Co-Founder at Brainify.AI
Co-Founder at Aniwa Co and The Boa Foundation
CEO and Co-Founder at Brainify.AI
Co-Founder at AguilaCondor Foundation
Founder & CEO at Recyclium AG
Co-CEO at NatureFinance
Culture and Impact Steward of KAVANÂ and Founder of the Inner Freedom Institute
CEO at Transcendence Mental Health
Founder at GenBlue
CEO & Founder of Albus Protocol
Founder & CEO at HowGood
Founder & CEO at Lead21
CEO at Copperman
Advisor to the Chairman at Viqa Investment
CEO at Qineration
Ani Biome
Co-Founder & CEO at Adamcares
Founder & CEO at European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food
Founder at Restor & SEED
Founder & Acting CPO at NatureMetrics
Author of the #1 Amazon book - Reimagining Luxury
Chief Marketing Officer at Canada Goose
CEO at ID Geneve watches
Co-Founder & Executive Partner at Purpur
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman at Purpur
Board Member Swiss Impact Investment Association
Vice President, Investing for Catholics
Head of ARK Invest Europe
President of Ampatel
Managing Partner of Impact Investing Solutions
Co-Founding Partner Exelixis Capital
Davos, January 14-19 2024

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